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Home Tours

When you are ready to view a home, there are three options available:

  1. Open Houses
  2. Private tours via 24HourBrokers
  3. Private tours via a Seller's Agent

1. Open Houses

Open House SignOpen houses are a great way to get a feel for the neighborhood you are interested in. With open houses, you are free to walk through the home and get an idea of what you are looking for in your next purchase. Most people prefer to get a fee for the layout of a house by walking through open houses. For example, you may make decisions on whether or not you like the kitchen and living room to be adjacent to each other, or maybe even your preferred bedroom sizes. There are many benefits to walking through open homes before making your purchase.

One way to find open houses is to drive through different neighborhoods in your preferred location while keeping an eye out for open house signs. You can also monitor the weekend newspaper or go to your local grocery store and check for free publications of open homes in your area.

Make sure you identify 24HourBrokers as your agent, if asked, during your open house tour.

2. Private Tours via 24HourBrokers

Here's the keys!If preferred, you can request one of our agents to take you on a private tour of the home. Our agent will show you around the home for up to two hours and accompany you to a few other homes in the area for tours as well.

Please make sure you have a pre-approved loan letter for the amount of the home's asking price before you schedule a private tour. Once you are pre-approved

  • Your first two hours home tour is free and additional tours are $250 each.

While paying $250 for a private tour may seem expensive, after you factor in your savings from the buyer's agent commission you will discover that you are still far ahead in choosing our service.

To make the most of your private tour you should consider attending a few open homes in the area and making a list of various homes you are interested in seeing so we can coordinate the day. When you are ready to schedule a tour, simply give us a call.

3. Private Tours via a Seller's Agent

Contemporary BathroomAnother way to tour a home would be to arrange a private viewing with the listing agent. You can find contact information for the listing agents in our online database. When you call the listing agent, identify yourself as a customer of 24HourBrokers and explain your interest in viewing the property on a one-on-one basis. It is important to identify 24HourBrokers in order to assure you receive a refund on the buyer's commission.

If you have any problems, just give us a call and we will help answer your concerns.

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