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The Art of Real Estate

Here are a few tips you may want to consider following when listing your home for sale.

  1. Don't overprice your property: Once a property fails to sell at its original price you are more likely to attract more aggressive offers. Price reductions can further encourage aggressive bargaining as it is a sign of an desperate seller.

  2. Set your price to show up in web searches: Many prospective home-buyers use the internet to search for available homes. The typical real estate websites filter price in $25,000 or $50,000 increments, so a home selling for $300,000 is likely to be seen significantly more than a home selling for $305,000. Why? Because the $305,000 home will be excluded to buyers who set $300,000 as a maximum price.

  3. Live in your home while its on the market: Potential buyers who see that the home is sitting stagnant on the market typically become more aggressive with their offers.

  4. Are there foreclosures in the area? If so, it would be a wise decision to hold off on listing your home until all foreclosures are gone. Foreclosures in your neighborhood send mixed signals to prospective home buyers.

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